The Musician

The Musician………

Thinking today about all of us who have followed the passions of our hearts to create music and use it as a vehicle to bring hope to hurting people and pointing the way to Jesus  the Christ.  It is not an easy road.  There are many obstacles along the way.  But when you find that Truth is a person and find that personal relationship with Him that is not at all about “religion”, it transforms your life and you can’t help but write and talk about it!  My conversations with Him are priceless.

I have found in my journey that quitting is not an option.  When you are an artist, you are driven.  Driven to create beyond the boundaries of time, age and other life obligations.  There are gifts that God gives us even before we are created in our mother’s womb.  Gifts that are given not just for ourselves but given to touch others.  Along the way, I have questioned if they can really be considered “gifts”, as (I don’t know about you), but I personally have paid a high price for them   🙂

I’m sure a lot of you can attest to this thought.  The beautiful thing about it is that as hard and challenging as the journey of being a musician can be, the rewards are so much greater as you see the beauty of the song that can transform lives.  Music touches spirit.   It has been said that we are not human beings having a temporary spiritual experience, but rather, we are spirit beings having a temporary human experience!

This isn’t all there is…….I encourage you artists of melody to never give up.  Never quit creating.  It is what brings life.  Even if it is just for you, it will breathe fresh energy into your spirit.   To quote lyrics from Bob Dylan, …..”she’s an artist, she has everything she needs.”


xoxo   D

3 comments to The Musician

  • Diane

    Hi Lady..
    So excited to follow you thru blogging!!
    You go girl!


    Da Da sista!

  • i have to admit that I have held back at times when I feel that “creative itch” pulsing for the simple fear of rejection but I gotta realize that not everything I wrtie is for the masses…Thanks again Denise

  • I remmerber when i was 14 year old ate the holy family inc. The life that i have wuth God is becouse of pastor denise graves and the ccop family i Nathan Craggette is getting ready to start my prject DOING A NEW THING IN 2013/ I CHASING AFTER YOU. I just wont to thank pastor Denise,pastor toni , Bishop joesph garlington, pastor barbea garlington, minaster jermane manner for beleving in me. ccop. Will allway be mu church. Home love yall much.

    Nathan Craggette

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