Spirit Life/Formation

formationWorship Training – 6 week package or 2-3 day intensive

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  • Team Training– topics include:
    • Teamwork
    • Character
    • Skillful Musician
    • Effective Rehearsals
    • Cross cultural Team Training –We will talk about tools needed to develop a cross-cultural sound.  If you build it, they will come.
  • Individual Mentoring (Worship Leaders) – One-on-one training.
    • Develop set lists
    • Keys to a seamless flow of worship
    • Help to activate strength and depth of word (you can’t take people where you’ve never been before)


  • Churches/Individuals


  • Life Skills – Establish values, determine your purpose and develop life vision
  • Assess present status and set future goals
  • Look at achievements, failures and develop action plans to move forward.
  • Develop stronger focus to challenge you and hold you accountable when you are not meeting commitments.
  • Culinary Discipleship – Food is essential to conversation and relationship.  The table was a sacred tool in Jesus’ arsenol.  I will share with you the art of Italian cuisine!